Saturday, February 27, 2016

Inspiration from NYFW Fall 2016

Before I knew that I was in love with the topic of fashion, I would see outfits on the street and memorize them by writing them down on notes in my phone or by drawing them in my notebook. I started teaching myself how to change the looks to fit my own taste and to create more outfits based on those looks. I started stumbling upon fashion Instagrams that gave me constant inspiration. Flash forward to today, I anxiously wait for Fashion Week each season so that I can spend hours analyzing the new collections and imagining how each designer finalized their choice pieces for their brand. Even though I'm half way around the world, I've already started picking apart what I love from my favorite designers.

Here are my favorite looks from my 8 favorite designers so far from NYFW 2016.

1. Alice + Olivia - Stacey Bendet 

I'm loving this look because of the colors. Pink and red are colors that usually aren't casually mixed into an outfit, but I think that the combination of the tight shirt and loose pants make the outfit work. I love the hat and how it is simple enough to work with both of the colors. Very interested in the bag as well! 

Light pink is one of my favorite trends this year. Also the tied scarves will always be something I would wear. Alice + Olivia always finds ways to tie the best looks together.

Bohemian!! I love that Bohemian vibes are starting to be translated in more mature fashions so that you can dress like you're going to a music festival on an every-day basis.

Shoes. Dress. Scarf. I can see myself wearing this outfit to a coffee date in Florence :) 

I'm loving the short dress with the long coat. I'm always looking for more excuses to wear my black trench coat, and nights out on crisp nights make the perfect occasion. The black booties tie everything together by being low-key enough to not take away from the detail of the dress.

Always in love with fall florals. 

2. Coach - Designer: Reed Krakoff 

Fur coats! I love this coat and the boots that are just a little bit more cool in a metallic color. 

There is never a bad time to wear this coat in the winter. If I had this coat and paired it with these cute neutral colored booties, I would never need new clothes ever again.

Coach always finds the best ways to do fall florals.

Need this jacket.

3. Diane von Furstenberg - Diane von Furstenberg 

My favorite part about this look is the fur on the vest. This appeals to me because the color would work with any outfit for fall. Maroon is a color that is always popular in the fall, and will never go out of style. I like stocking up on maroon colored clothing for the fall to be able to combine them will all of the rest of the pieces in my closet.

I love the fall floral aspect of this long dress combined with the fringe bag. I feel like this outfit is the perfect way to transform your summer fashion into the colder weather. All of the pieces in the outfit would work individually in the summer, but paired together this is a perfect look for the fall. I'm such a fan of the necklace as well. Just a simple touch makes the whole look complete.

Again I am a fan of the maroon colors in fall fashion and I love the elegant accessories such as the fur bag and fall-floral scarf.

I love the all black look with the hint of florals in the shirt. Yet another great way to extend the life of your summer clothes into the fall while still staying seasonally appropriate. With a pair of tights, this look can be worn well into late November. 

This dress is perfect for a night out or a formal in the fall. When I'm picking a dress for a special occasion, I try to make sure I'm not wearing a simple black dress, so this dress stands out with the black lace and white trims.

4. J. Crew 

J. Crew is always my favorite brand when it comes to adding layers. I've seen a lot of collections with loose-fitting jeans recently, but I love how J. Crew matches the loose casual jeans with high fashion heels with straps to make the look more sophisticated. Adding the tan trench coat twists the bright colors in the shirt into a more visually pleasing fall aesthetic. J. Crew is known for bright and fun colors, but they really know how to make color-lovers happy even in the fall months.

I can always count on this brand to know exactly how to make a neutral colored outfit pop. This yellow scarf works perfectly with the more low-key colors in the outfit, but matches so perfectly with the shoes that add a little spunk for a fall outfit.

Loving the shoes. These shoes with the cropped jeans are perfect for when it's just starting to get a little colder but is still hot during the day. This look is perfect street style and definitely my favorite look of the collection.

I love the business-casual vibes of this outfit. Stripes are always a classic go-to for clothes and the leather black skirt gives the outfit some edge for the fall.
Favorite outfit of the Kate Spade collection. I love the leather jacket and stripes. The floral shoes make the outfit a bit more fun because they just pop out of the subtle pieces of the outfit.
I can see myself wearing this romper and shoes in the summer, but paired with the black coat, this outfit works into the fall, especially during the September days that turn cold when you're least expecting it.

Favorite look of the collection.

Loving the aztec vibes and maroon boots with fringe. The cozy sweater looks so comfortable in this neutral colored outfit.

I'm a huge fan of the baggy pants with the heels. I'm also obsessed with the coordinating fringe of the aztec-printed jacket and shoes.

8. Zimmermann - Nicky and Simone Zimmermann

I'm always a fan of the colors and patterns of Zimmermann that never disappoint.

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