Sunday, April 26, 2015

Exploring Philadelphia

I liked this random yellow building as I was driving into downtown!
Our first stop was at the Reading Terminal Market!!! There were so many cute little shops inside and there was an interesting linen shop that I was checking out!!
There was a sweet little bookstore in the back corner that I was looking at. There was a cool collection of books! 
We ended up eating at this Greek restaurant and we got gyros and baklava!! I've never had either before but they were absolutely delicious. Let me know where your favorite spot to get Baklava is!!
Snuck up to the top of a building and took perfect pictures of the city from the top!!! 
The coolest part of the day was Magic Gardens on South Street. The collages were so inspirational and I really wanna make furniture or a wall in my future room look like this!! I will definitely be making a separate post with more picture from Magic Gardens but here are some posts now!

Walking down South Street and I caught the perfect moment when people let go of balloons!
South Street

South Street
This is actually the parking lot outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art!! Thought it looked cool. I loved Philly and all of the colors and attractions going on. It kinda reminded me of Baltimore which I live closer too, and it was less intimidating than NYC! I'd love to live there, and it's not too far from where I live now or from my school!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pick of the Day - April 25th 2015

Pick of the Day - April 25th 2015

Tilghman Island - April 25th 2015

Couple of sea glass pieces that I collected today. I came home with bags and bags because there was so much on the shore.

 Exploring the rocks
 The most beautiful part about today was listening to the waves hit the shore and the sound of the water hitting the glass. It sounded like a beautiful wind chime.

Seaglass that I collected today
Beautiful House that looked like a Doll House down the street from my friend's house.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pick of the Day April 6th

My trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE!

Normally I hate Delaware, but there is something that I love about Rehoboth. The weather was super nice today and everyone brought their dogs to the beach!! My favorite things in life are dogs and the beach. Read more below!

Heres the view of the beach on my way walking down!
The water was super pretty but I didn't even try to test the temperature out because I knew it'd be cold af.
The cutest lil pink house that I found!!
Someone left their shoes!!
One of my new fave shops was this one called Endeavor. It had cool little mirrors and trinkets and I spent like 30 minutes in there!
I loooooooved this store called Bella Luna. I was in there for so long and debating whether I was going to spend my whole bank account or what...
Want this mirror....