Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First 2 days in Florence!

Florence is such a beautiful place. I am surrounded by the aroma of vanilla pastries and deep red wine. Walking down the street feels like you're watching a fashion show with models walking down the runways because everyone is dressed like they're going to a million dollar dinner. The women wear dark red lipstick and long fur coats. They have striking faces and don't think twice about responding to catcalling.
This is the famous Duomo. The buildings are beautiful and look like paintings when you see them in real life. During the day, thousands of tourists are taking pictures in front of it and trying to somehow save memories of the beauty. 
So as most of you know, I will be studying in Florence for the next four months. I'm excited to explore the streets and visit multiple countries throughout Europe before I leave. 

This is the view from my door to my apartment. There is a little courtyard in between my apartment and other rooms. There's a little greenhouse on the first floor b
The shutters are so charming in Florence. Every building was so carefully constructed and gorgeous. 

The word for cafe in Italian is bar. Bars are full of pastries and gelato. 
So far at every meal I have got anti pasta. Prosciutto and cheeses have been my main agenda every night. 
Even something as simple as pizza can be amazing in Florence. 
My roommate Jess and enjoyed some genuine gelato from festival del gelato. 

The side of Florence over the Arno river is more Tuscan and cultured because it is less of a city and more of vineyards and restaurants. 

Restaurants on the other side of the Arno river are inexpensive with large portions. 

This is the view of Florence from pizzale de Michelangelo. Florence has palm trees  ❤️ keep up with my posts for more pictures!!

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