Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sunglasses That I Think Should Be On Your Radar

Some of our favorite celebrity icons are remembered very well for a particular pair of shades that they constantly rocked (think Kurt Kobain in his 90's shades that are coming back in style). But if you're still looking for that pair of "it" sunglasses for your face, I've found a website, Warby Parker, that has a couple of cool frames to check out.

I have a heart shaped face and tend to focus on shades that compliment that, so Warby Parker's sunglasses have a couple that work for me.

Tilley Sunglasses
These "Tilley" Sunglasses stood out to me immediately upon scrolling through the website because of the fact they are colorless. I have a lot of shades of different colors, but will usually invest in neutral hues to make sure I can wear them with any outfit. This clear pair was cool to me because they will pair well with anything I wear but they also will stand out compared to a regular shade of black. The frame seems vintage-y, but I can rock it with a modern all-black outfit and still make a statement.

Clementine Sunglasses
Speaking of making a statement, another pair I enjoyed looking at was this pair of "Clementine" Sunglasses. If you need a pair of bright colored sunglasses to match with your bathing suit this summer, I feel like these Coral ones will probably go with any pattern. Most of my bikinis inevitably end up having pinks and blues in them, and I would love grabbing this pair of shades before I headed out the door to the pool with some friends.

Sheridan Sunglasses
Finally I thought I would mention a pair of glasses that I could see myself wearing throughout the year, the "Sheridan" Sunglasses. If you read any of my CollegeFashionista articles, you'd know that I predicted oval sunglasses would be the go-to this season. This pair is pretty sleek and professional, taking you from looking like a student to a sophisticated working girl. Since I just graduated college, I'm looking to invest in pieces that will help me look like I have my "ish" together, and this pair of shades along with a fresh leather bag and blazer will make me look more mature. Because let's face it, people are always mistaking me for a high schooler.

Warby Parker doesn't only sell shades for Women, they cover so many Men's styles too. I'll be recommending them to my little brother who just pledged a fraternity this spring and will need appropriate eye-wear for any tailgating or weekends out on the boat with friends.

This company also has Men's and Women's eyeglasses too, so if your need for amazing frames goes beyond protection from the sun, you can check those out too.

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