Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Create Your Perfect Music Festival Look!

Step 1: Celebrity Inspiration

To create your perfect music festival look, you have to find your inspiration from celebrities and well-known fashion bloggers first. I always look for what people are wearing at Coachella. Some of my favorite looks from Coachella are from Sarah Hyland, Dylana Suarez, and Vanessa Hudgens. It's important to pay attention to people who have the same style as you so you can decide how you're going to create your look. Take ideas from specific outfits and take notes so that you have a good idea of what to wear from your closet! For example, everyone probably has a similar graphic tee to Sarah Hyland's shirt pictured, and all you have to do is combine it with fun-framed sunglasses and a flower crown. Find pieces that you love and make it unique for you! 


Sarah Hyland / Coachella 2014


Dylana Suarez / Coachella 2015


Vanessa Hudgens / Coachella 2014 

Step 2: Finding Your Perfect Outfit 


Mimi's Festival Look:
 Tie-dye romper
 Flower Crown

Key Tips: Wearing light weight clothing is good for hot summer days. You want to wear something that is okay to get a little hot in. Wear a headband to tie back your hair and bring some sunscreen for the blazing sun! Jewelry adds a nice touch to the look by making the outfit look less casual and more bohemian. When packing for the week, make sure you don't pack too bulky, because you're going to want to be changing out of outfits quickly. For an outfit like Mimi's, pack a cardigan to wear to transition the outfit for the evening.


Maddie's Festival Look:
 Tie-dye top
 Jean Shorts 
Ray-ban Sunglasses

(Pictured Top to BottomMimiMaddie)

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