Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Trend This Summer: Fringe

I've been noticing a lot of celebrities wearing fringe clothing. This can be on shirts, bags, and other articles of clothing. Taking a look in popular clothing shops, fringe is everywhere to be found as well! Here are some pictures of a few of my favorite looks this summer.
Marina and the Diamonds wearing a fringe jumpsuit

Not only is this trendy because of the fringe on the sleeves, jumpsuits are also in this season. I love how she paired the colorful shoes with the all black look. 
DianGuerrerat 'Orangecon’ FaEvent wearing a fringe romper

I love Diane's shoe choice and the pattern of the romper. Her makeup choice was successful because it didn't take away from the boldness of the outfit.
Forever 21 model wearing a fringe jacket
This particular jacket is featured under the Forever 21 summer festival theme lookbook. This jacket would be perfect at a music festival because it would compliment any bohemian outfit during cooler weather.
@Yomellyj on Instagram wearing a fringe jacket at the 2015 Gov Ball
I love her style and I really think she paired her jacket well with the pattern of her skirt and the graphic tee. Fringe goes well with just about anything and this is probably my favorite look because of how well she paired everything together.
Kylie Jenner wearing a fringe skirt
Not a surprise that Kylie Jenner made the list. She's usually wearing very cute clothes and I'd probably buy a lot of the stuff she owns if her clothes didn't cost thousands of dollars.  Anyway, I love the two pieces together. The skin showing from the halter style shirt compliments the long skirt!!
Forever 21 model wearing a fringe jacket
Olivia Palermo wearing a fringe bag at NYFW
I love OP's look because she really knows how to make a trend look good in a minimalist outfit. She shows that you don't have to look like you're going to a music festival to rock fringe accessories.
Valentino Fringe
Just a picture I found on Pinterest that inspired me. I love the cuffed jeans and heels.
Gucci Fringe
Another picture on Pinterest that inspired me. I love the pop of color with the all white outfit. I've noticed that all white outfits are becoming more popular especially since summer is approaching.

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