Tuesday, March 8, 2016


A unique brand launched in Florence, Italy in 2009, Marakita sells artisan purses, tights and home décor using traditional Tuscan techniques that recycles wool. Marakita offers original patterns with rich tones and colors that compliment any outfit. Fashionistas always look for new ways to express their personalities through the clothes and accessories they wear. Marakita bags marry modern day accessories to the Florentine culture. While these fabrics and patterns perfectly accentuate any outfit, they also keep in line with Tuscan stylistic traditions from generations past.

Not only is Marakita an up-and-coming fashion statement, but Anthropologie discovered it's originality and is considering using these bags in their American locations. In these pictures, I am wearing the Small Clutch and coordinating Sugar Paper Tights

Innovation and tradition come together when creating handbags like these. The fabric is recycled wool, individually handcrafted by a loom in the Tuscan mountains surrounding Florence, Italy. The designs and colors they choose mirror the flavors of the Tuscan artisan countryside. Marakita recalls the most classic and vintage styles and reproduces them in a more contemporary way.

There are 170 different styles of Marakita bags that are valuable to the girl who is looking for this season’s new piece to make them stand out on their campus, in an internship or coffee date with friends. Full of cosmopolitan and diverse inspirations, Marakita is a brand that will continue to keep up with current trends while referencing back to traditional themes. Not only are these styles traditional, they are also eclectic. One who wears Marakita makes a statement that they are free of the fear of being original.

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