Friday, March 11, 2016

Today in Madrid - March 11th, 2016

 1. The balconies of Madrid were so beautiful and full of botanical masterpieces. So many colors and assortments of flowers and cactuses.

2. In Plaza Santa Ana there were a lot of locals walking around and eating and enjoying their time. I was just people-watching and a little boy was skateboarding through the plaza until this tiny dog with a coat that said “POLICE” on it came and barked at him and chased him until he fell off the skateboard and ran away!! It was so funny and strange and then he ran over to his owner who didn’t look surprised at all. She didn’t even try to stop the dog or apologize. Apparently he was the police and he had to stop the child from misbehaving. Such unique characters in Madrid

3. In the city there is a street called Calle De Leòn. There used to be a man years ago that lived on that street that owned a lion and would charge locals a couple of cents to see his pet lion. Zoos hadn’t been invented yet so people were all so eager to see it. It became a popular thing to do and the street was named after the lion. There was a lot of street art depicting lions around the area!!

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