Thursday, May 19, 2016

Five Outfits To Wear This Week

Do you have a lot of clothes but you need inspiration of how to put them all together? Check out these five outfits for some ideas for a week of awesome looks!


On a Monday morning when it's hard to get out of bed, throw your hair into polished low bun and put on some lipstick to make yourself look put together! Some ripped jeans and a black floral shirt will look coordinated and cool as you head off to start your morning!


A great outfit starts with important basics. This outfit is successful because it involves two simple pieces that go a long way. The front-button denim skirt is an up-and-coming trend this season and with a light and airy t-shirt, you'll feel comfy and fashionable.


Back to the basics. A plain flowy black t-shirt and boyfriend jeans are usually on standby in your closet when you're looking for something to wear, but pairing these two together is a great way to make the most out of your closet. Tuck your t-shirt into your pants and add a shoulder bag and you have a put together outfit in no time!


A flowy off-the-shoulder white top and flowy black gauchos are two items you'll need in your closet this summer. The black pants are going to be a staple this summer and a white flowy top is a necessity any time of the year. The shirt and pants paired with a tan leather bag will be a perfect outfit for your Thursday.


A great way to start your Friday is to have an outfit that makes you excited for the weekend. Pair some denim shorts with a classic horizontal striped t-shirt and a fun summer hat. Grab some shades and a neutral tote and you have a great summer outfit!

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