Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Packing to Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

With so much to explore, and never enough time, packing for your time in Florence, Italy can be a little challenging. And that's why I am here to help! I just got back from a spring semester in Florence and I am here to share with you what I think you should pack for your stay. 
With so much to see and do in such an amazing city, why make it difficult to plan what you'll be taking with you on your journey? I've hand-picked your must-haves for your time abroad. 

- White T-Shirt (Long & Short Sleeves) 
- Black T-Shirt (Long & Short Sleeves) 
- Striped Shirt (Long & Short Sleeves) 
- Black Halter Top 
- Graphic Tee
- Cozy Turtleneck 
- Leather Jacket (Black and/or Tan) -- Essential for Florence..famous for it's leather 
- Black Cardigan
- Sweaters

When packing tops, keep in mind that you aren't going to be able to fit your whole wardrobe. Packing simple basics in neutral colors is not only going to benefit the space in your suitcase, but also the styles in Italy that are minimalist. Italians layer on and mix and match their clothing throughout the season. Even if you pack lightly, I almost guarantee there will end up being clothe sin your closet that you will still never wear.
If you're planning on studying or traveling to Italy in the winter semester into the spring, you need to know that Italians dress for the season, not the temperature. It will not be uncommon to see Italians wearing fur coats into April. If you're looking not to stand out on the streets, you'll want to come fully stocked with winter coats, boots, hats, and more.
In Florence the temperature didn't really drop below 30 degrees even in the coldest months. I wasn't as affected since I have faced much cooler winters, but if you're from a state that never sees snow, I suggest you stock up on the winter gear.
My advice is to pack no more than 2 of your favorite and most practical coats. You won't have room in your suitcase to bring any more, but if you need a coat later on, it won't be hard to find an inexpensive one anywhere. You did choose to go to one of the fashion capitals of the world..
Don't worry about not packing enough clothes for the warmer weather. I was there until the end of April, and it was only shorts weather the last two weeks of April. You're going to want to pack some shorts and tees, but you'll want to be able to also transition those clothes into colder outfits.

- Black Jeans
- Boyfriend Jeans 
- Plain Blue Skinny Jeans
- Jeans with a little bit of a flare (I saw a lot of Italians wearing these)
- Black Skirt
- Black shorts
- Denim Shorts

Bring a lot of plain bottoms just like I suggested with the tops. You'll want want to re-wear pants a lot because if you are washing your clothes at your apartment in Florence, you probably won't have a dryer. Pack the basics and if you feel like you're missing something in your wardrobe, go ahead and buy it in any of Florence's charming clothing boutiques. 
Like I said earlier, Italians dress for the season. It it was 40 degrees at your school in America, you'd be fine wearing a light cardigan out on a Friday night. In Florence, if you're seen in January through March wearing just a tank top of having your legs showing, you're going to stand out very much. 
Pack a couple of pairs of opaque and translucent black tights to wear under skirts and shorts to stay warm and blend in.

- Sneakers (White or black) - You'll be walking more than you think around Florence
- NO HEELS - Trust me, you'll never wear them on the cobblestone streets
- Black Loafers or Flats
- Black Combat Boots
- Converse
- Black Booties

- Scarves
- Black beanie
- Grey beanie
- Gloves

You'll want functional and comfortable shoes with all of your venturing around the streets. Especially the first couple of weeks when you aren't used to walking everywhere, your legs will definitely be sore. The size of Florence is such a luxury though because you really will never have to take a taxi to get anywhere! 

- One over the shoulder bag that zippers securely 
- Plain backpack - For school and day trips
- Backpacking backpack for weekend trips
- Big Suitcase

- Earplugs/Earphones 
- Eye Cover in case you have a room with bright windows
- Composition Notebook (For scrapbooking)
- Pens
- Glue/Tape
- Portable Charger
- Sunglasses

Make sure you pack as lightly as you can because I guarantee you that you will find yourself wandering into many shops and buying as many clothes as you can. I hope this list helps you in your packing for your upcoming adventures in Florence. Until then, make sure you follow me on Instagram and send me a comment or DM if you have any questions!! 

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