Wednesday, July 27, 2016

8 Things You'll Need This Fall (via Pinterest)

I know it may not seem like it, but in just over a month, you won't be having a panic attack trying to turn on the air conditioning once you get to your room. Soon we won't be seeing 95 degrees on the weather forecast every day and the world will be at peace. Summer is slowly starting to end and cool weather will soon be approaching. 
Since we're already ahead, I went ahead and picked out eight things that have been on my lists to have this upcoming season. Here are 8 pieces (plus some things to pair with them) that you should keep on your radar this fall! 

White Tennis Shoes (Source)
These babies will go with every outfit and pop with even the darkest colors for all you goths out there who wear black all year round. 

Oversized Fuzzy Coat (Source)
Sometimes it's fun to be a little diva on the streets. While it may be ridiculous in the suburbs to flaunt a giant fur coat, in the city this fall it'll be hot to wear these back-in-style coats.

Button Down Shirts with Stripey Layers (Source)
My favorite thing about the fall is adding on the layers because there are so many different ways to show off your style. I love the frayed denim here and how she added the stripes instead of just leaving the button down alone.

Bell-Sleeves paired with Turtleneck and Black Booties (Source)
We've seen bell sleeves everywhere this summer but an even better look this fall will be layering it with a turtleneck for an even better step up. 

Bandana Necklace (Source)
I'm sure you've also seen your fair share of bandanas this summer, but I really like the way they look with fall neutrals and layers more than I like them with tanks and shorts.

Wide-Leg Pants (Source)
Obviously plaid is a classic that is never going anywhere, but paired with a necktie and wide-leg army green pants, this flannel has a little bit of a makeover. 

Lace Up Shoes (Source)
Also seen a lot this summer, these shoes will see a second wave in the fall paired with warmer items like boyfriend jeans and oversized wovens.

All-Denim Look (Source)

My favorite part about denim is that it will never go out of style :) I can't wait to go denim-on-denim this fall while staying warm.

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