Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5 Instagrams that I love

1). Dani Bennett - Instagram: @itsdanibennett 

Dani is one of my closest internet friends that I met one random night on Omegle. Lil Deeb is hilarious, unique and fun. I had a chance to meet her at her school in September and she was a blast. We got food at this cute little old buffet built inside of an old train station and we took pictures with green cars.  Dani's Instagram is full of crazy colorful pictures that I admire every time they're on my newsfeed. Her style and outlook on life amaze me in every picture she takes!


2). Shane - Instagram: @shootershane

I don't know Shane personally, but I found some of his pictures while looking through the York, Pennsylvania location on Instagram. He posts amazing pictures of scenery in all of the cities he visits and it has taught me to look at the world differently. Instead of just seeing stairs, I see leading lines and colors. Everything that I see has so much more detail now that I've followed him!

3). Dylana Suarez - Instagram: @dylanasuarez

Dylana is a fashion blogger who lives in NYC. I found her blog off of a post on Pinterest and I have become obsessed with her style and I've followed her on any possible social network. Her posts give chill vibes and she has such a cool sense of style. I love how she keeps everyone updated with her life with the posts she makes. Her Instagram updates are a great part of my day.

4). Justina Blakeney - Instagram: @justinablakeney

Justina is an interior design blogger with a bohemian state of mind. I love checking her Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration whenever I'm about to decorate my room or pick out an outfit. Keep up with Justina on her Instagram for pictures of patterns, scenery, and bedroom ideas.


5). Kiara Schwartz - Instagram: @tobruckave

I found this Instagrammer while checking out the "Explore" page. I'm always interested in her updates of her view and her outfit choices. My favorite part about following people from different places in the world is seeing pictures of every day life in those places. Kiara posts a lot of pictures in Vancouver, and it's very neat to see landscape and street-views of that city! 

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