Thursday, May 7, 2015

Downtown York PA!!

Today my friends and I explored downtown York after we finished our last day of classes!!
Jackie, Kayla and I 
 Some pictures of Graffiti nearby our school!

We found a parking garage and found our way to the top and there was an amazing view of the city!! It was a beautiful day out and I could see everything miles away!
 I love downtown York. There's always something to do whether it's walking into cute little boutiques or finding a quick bite to eat. Usually people only go downtown to eat at White Rose Bar and Grill,  but there is so much more to York than that! I definitely didn't even cover as much as there is in York but my friends and I did catch a lot of good places in the few hours that we were downtown.
 Here's a cool gate downtown in York on George Street.
 Outside of the York Central Market! The Central Market is the coolest lil food shop around. It's only open a few days a week but every time that I've visited it, I've enjoyed it. There's a pickle shop inside that my friends have visited and they brought back horseradish pickles. They were so spicy but so good and I can't wait to go and get them for myself because they were strangely addicting.
 Sunrise soap company is always a favorite of mine. I got a free sample of soap today and I'm probably gonna stop by and get more soap before I go home for summer! The place has such a cool vibe and all of the employees are super friendly!!
Sick door on Market Street. York has a lot of cool stoops and doors at different houses. Be careful though because York is one of those cities that is beautiful but if you take one wrong turn you're going to be in a sketchy neighborhood.
 Daren from DKMI's Best Hotdogs downtown gave me a free lemonade to blog about his company!! The lemonade was delicious and very comparable to Chick-fil-A! He was a sweet guy!! His hot dog stand was on the corner of George Street and Market Street.
 Had to get a pic with these ridiculous glasses
  We visited this sick vintage shop downtown that Kayla showed us! They sold all kinds of things from clothes to lamps to couches.
 Groovy vintage items!! Love the lamps
 Kayla trying out some of the vintage cameras
 In my future home I want a wall full of mirrors.

 These couches weren't even that expensive but they gave off a cool 70's vibe
 Jackie looking at some records! Classic Jackie holding a Diet Coke
That's it!! Comment if you have any questions or comments!! Check out my posts on instagram @leytonpee for any pics I post about my adventures!

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