Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My favorite looks from the 2015 Met Gala!

 It's always a huge deal figuring out what you're going to wear. You have to think about what you have to wear every single day. Thankfully, millions of people aren't watching what I wear every morning so if I don't feel like wearing a gown to my 8am then that's okay. Watching celebrities play dress up is so fun because I get to pick and choose what my favorite looks are and what I would wear if I were doing the same things. Here are some of my favorite dresses from yesterday! Let me know if you agree/disagree or have some dresses that you think I should have mentioned!!!
 Olivia Wilde - Prada
 I loved this dress because it's so fun looking. I totally would've worn it because it's bright pink and has cool little jewel looking things on it. The gloves are sick too. I don't know what it is but this dress is super cute and obviiiiously Olivia Wilde pulled it off.
 Rose Byrne - Calvin Klein
 I think I'm mostly obsessed with Rose Byrne because she was in the movie Bridesmaids, but still. She's gorgeous. Her dress was awesome. I loved the color and the cut in the front and how its covered in crystals. Her hair looks perfect too. I'd totally wear this dress. She looks amazing.

 Elizabeth Banks - Michael Kors  
I love the color of Elizabeth Banks' dress. The bright blue with the simple hair and jewelry was awesome. And that style of dress is amazing.
 Gigi Hadid - Diane von Furstenberg 
Gigi's dress is so classic. Her hair and make-up are very well done and she just looks very classy. I feel like this is such a go-to look that is always beautiful. I'm pro-red dresses.

 Cara Delevingne - Stella McCartney 
 I really just love how Cara does her own thing. She could literally be wearing anything and I would still be obsessed with her because she does what she wants. I like how she wore this instead of just settling for a dress because she looks awesome and I want to wear anything that she wears.
 Classic Cara lol
Kendall Jenner - Calvin Klein 
 Also I love the color of the dress. I've been into greens and blues a lot lately. She looked good in this color.
 I seriously love Kendall's look. I love that even if she's wearing a lot of makeup, she always looks so natural.
 Karlie Kloss - Atelier Versace
 I love how Karlie rocked the classic black dress but it wasn't basic. Also her green earrings really stood out and made the look more complete. Aaaaand I love her hair length and I definitely want my hair to look like hers. Basically I want to look like Karlie Kloss. Just saying.

 Beyoncé - Givenchy 
 I don't know what it is about B, but she always looks like she's having fun. She's beautiful and always is working whatever she's wearing because she's so confident. But the main reason I love her look is because apparently she was an hour late, the cameras were waiting for her and it was all because she wanted to take her own private photoshoot of her look with her iPhone at home. If that isn't goals then I don't know what is. That's what I'd be doing if I was going to a Met Gala.

 IS Beyoncé serious. She's actually perfect.
 Jennifer Lawrence - Christian Dior
 Favorite dress of the night. I love the fun floral patterns and the cool beads on the necklace piece. I love J-Law's effortless make-up look and the slightly messy bun. I feel like this is a look that most girls could actually pull off. She's gorgeous but she also seems like a real girl that people can actually try to look like! Anyway I really would like this dress right now to wear. I wish I wore it to one of my proms in high school.

Thank you Christian Dior for this beautiful dress.

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