Sunday, November 1, 2015

York, Pennsylvania - October 31st, 2015

This is my third year going to school in York, Pennsylvania. I enjoy the terrain of PA. There seems to always be a new place to explore. York is filled with abandoned building, historic landmarks and unlimited hills to go hiking around. I love living in a city that is so close to so many natural locations. Driving out to go hiking only takes about 15 minutes and going downtown is only down the street. Growing up, I lived about 45 minutes from the closest mall, so it was always a big commitment if we decided to go into town. Living in York, I can go get some Caramel Apple lattes at the cutest coffee shops or go shopping at sophisticated boutiques whenever I decide that I want to. York makes my heart happy.

Fall is my favorite season in York. With the millions of trees around the county, there are even more opportunities to take pictures. A walk to class in the fall can be a relaxing nature walk. My favorite scenery is the day after it has rained in the fall because the leaves are laying on the wet roads and the hues of the trees look deeper than ever. I love the fresh air that you breathe in.

Even though you can't tell from the pictures, the visibility is amazing. We could see miles and miles away. From the highest points in York, ten miles away doesn't seem far at all. The deep reds and golds and oranges stand out and make the views so beautiful. 

I love stopping to take in the fresh air. The cool musty smell of the air is so relaxing. I like to get outside because school can be so exhausting. As a junior taking 18 credits, doing an internship, and working part-time, breaks are definitely necessary. Sometimes it's good to take a break and get off of your campus. Going for a walk or at least getting out of your dorm is the best for you. Get outside before it gets too cold and enjoy the outdoors! Taking breaks like this definitely makes me feel more focused and ready for the week ahead.

There's always more to discover in York. From abandoned prisons, to gorgeous lakes, to adorable thrift shops, I'm always down to go on an adventure. Do you have any favorite locations to explore? Let me know where you go!

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